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Dec 23, 2016 · In hence, regular cleaning and maintenance of concrete batching plant is really necessary. We Talenet Group think that users should pay more attention to daily check, regular cleaning, replacement of wearing parts, maintenance in concrete batching plant. Daily Check. Check all working parts of concrete batching plant in time.

Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips | Alliance Concrete Pumps

Concrete Pump Maintenance Tips | Alliance Concrete Pumps

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The concrete pump operator should never be operating the controls for the pump and also performing the task of the line hand at the same time. • The operator should arrange for an alternative competent person to attend to the pump if he is required to work away from the pump. He should have a clear view of both the line hand and the hopper.


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Description - 6 - operation manual concrete pump.doc 2 Safety regulations 2.1.1 Field of application The use of this pump can be dangerous!! 1. The current operating instructions must be in

Preventive maintenance checklist for centrifugal pumps

Jul 17, 2017 · Pump manufacturers supply a manual with recommended maintenance procedures for their centrifugal pumps. However, routine preventive and protective maintenance practices should, at a minimum, include the monitoring of the following: Bearing and lubricant condition. Monitor bearing temperatures, lubricant level, and vibration.

Daily maintenance of concrete plant equipment

Daily maintenance work of concrete plant equipment is to ensure the cleanliness of the machine and the surrounding environment. Clean up the accumulated material in the hopper in time to make the sensor return to zero normally. Check whether the lubricating oil at each smooth point is sufficient, and the lubricator in the air system should maintain sufficient oil.

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Jul 24, 2019 · Cleaning And Maintenance Projects After using. Clean the dirt retention inside and outside the mixing drum, discharge door and rinse with water. Cut off the power after the equipment is stopped. The storage water in the air compressor should be drained, especially when the weather is wet. In cold season, the water in the pump and inlet pipe

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Because concrete will solidify in a short time and become lumps, and has a certain corrosive effect on the steel and paint, so after use of concrete mixer truck every time, wash concrete adhering to the concrete tank and access is the serious daily maintenance work.


Jan 30, 2020 · The Daily Maintenance. At the end of each day of use, there are certain maintenance tasks you need to complete. The first is to grease the back end of the diesel engine concrete pump. You also need to check the oil levels and top this up if it is low. The water box for the grout should also be checked and you need to dump the water in it.

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Oct 30, 2019 · Daily Maintenance Checklist. 1. Clean the remaining materials in the plant in time to ensure the internal and surrounding environment of the mixing station is clean. 2. Check if the lubricating oil is sufficient, whether the air pressure of the air pump is at a normal value, and whether the components such as the motor are overheated. 3.

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Jan 30, 2017 · The Maintenance of Concrete Pump Liming Liming by rose qian Concrete pump is a kind of equipment which use pipeline to convey concrete, applying to transport and supply concrete in reinforced concrete structure construction, widely used in …

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For mechanical equipment, regular maintenance lubrication is a necessary part of the work, concrete pump especially pays attention to daily maintenance work. Below, Minle Machinery Xiaobian simply introduces the maintenance techniques of the concrete pump: 1. Inspect the relevant items before and

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Keeping your concrete pump well-maintained and operational is the key to your daily success and customer service. A solid concrete pumping maintenance program is key in ensuring that it happens and the knowledge that your fleet is in tip-top condition gives you, …

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Nov 04, 2020 · Hydraulic MechanicHydraulic Leakage checkedHydraulic Hose replacement

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Feb 23, 2021 · Check exterior for corrosion, cracks, debris and scale. Clean chase threads Check for blockages in lubrication passages Grease lubricated bearings Replace worn housings Check stuffing box cover Analyse power consumption Grease motor bearings Check oil level Check …


PUMP MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE AND CHECKLISTS Providing a maintenance schedule defined specifically by run hours or yardage pumped serves only as a general guideline given the large amount of variables a unit might be subject to, such as weather and ambient temperature conditions, jobsite conditions, material differences of concrete mix design, the load

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Screw at the interface of the concrete tow pump S tube; 3. The cylinder block, tie rod bolts and nuts, and the screws of the concrete towing pump should be tightened. In addition, regular daily maintenance of key units like screws helps to extend the service life of a concrete pump …